Jonas Brothers promoting Apple Music's Dolby Atmos with 'Happiness Begins'

What you need to know

  • Jonas Brothers are promoting Apple Music Spatial Audio with a revamped album.
  • Happiness Begins is now available with Dolby Atmos audio.

Apple Music bringing out the big guns.

Apple Music continues to grow its library of songs that feature Spatial Audio and now you can listen to Jonas Brothers in Dolby Atmos. The band's Happiness Begins album is now available with all the new hotness, including lossless support.

The news was shared by Jonas Brothers themselves, with a tweet linking people to the album on Apple Music.

The full album is embedded below, too.

Apple's Spatial Audio feature has proven to be popular although there are some misses to be had. Apple Music's own Spatial Audio playlist leaves a lot to be desired but there are some real gems to be had, too.

The revamped Happiness Begins also supports lossless audio, although the benefits that bring to the table are less concrete unless you're listening on super high-end headphones and using a DAC. That's something most of us aren't prepared to deal with, making AirPods Max a great choice for most people.

You'll need the best headphones to get the most out of Apple Music and Spatial Audio. The best AirPods Max deals we've come across are a good place to start, especially if you're listening on headphones that are a little less capable.

Whether Jonas Brothers are your particular cup of tea or not, it's always great to see more spatial audio support being added to existing albums.