JOBY's GripTight system brings MagSafe to vloggers for easier filming

What you need to know

  • JOBY has announced a new MagSafe-based system for mounting iPhones while vlogging and creating content.
  • The system consists of three accessories; a wall mount, a handheld mount, and a GorillaPod mount.

Prices start from $14.97.

JOBY has announced three new accessories that are designed to use MagSafe to make it easier for vloggers and other content creators to film while on the move.

All three accessories are useful for different reasons, but they all revolve around MagSafe — Apple's magnetic mounting system for iPhone — including the upcoming iPhone 13.

The all-new JOBY GripTightTM system for MagSafe gives on-the-move vloggers and content creators the opportunity to use iPhone 12 and later smartphones with MagSafe technology in absolute confidence. The GripTight Mount for MagSafe comes with a hybrid clamp that works in both vertical and horizontal mode, allowing the user to instantly change from one position to another. It comes with multiple mounting points so that it can be incorporated into a rig with the legendary GorillaPod®, as well as allowing the user to include BeamoTM lights and WavoTM mics for a professional-level mobile unit that's lightweight and incredibly portable.

The GripTight Mount for MagSafe is a clamp that works in portrait and landscape modes and can be used with any MagSafe iPhone. It can also be paired with lights and microphones as well, turning it into the ultimate on-the-go production studio. The standard mount costs $23.97.

Need a way to stand the whole thing up? The GripTight GorillaPod adds the famous tripod to the mix for quick and easy filming, no matter where you want to set your iPhone down. Whether you're standing your iPhone up or wrapping it around a fence, the GorillaPod will have your back for $41.97.

Another option is the GripTight Wall Mount, a $14.97 suction mount that can be used to stick your iPhone to a surface like glass, including mirrors. The Wall Mount could come in handy for vlogging in a hotel room while keeping your hands free, for example.

MagSafe has been a slow burn but more and more accessory makers are starting to take advantage of it. It's perhaps the most underrated, but also one of the best iPhone features of the last couple of years.