It's taken three months, but HomePod is finally sold out

What you need to know

  • It's taken three months, but HomePod is finally sold out online.
  • Apple discontinued HomePod in March 2021 but some stocks were still plentiful.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Apple discontinued its HomePod smart speaker back in March but you've still been able to order one from the online Apple Store depending on the color you wanted. That is, until today. HomePod is officially sold out in the United States.

Apple discontinued the smart speaker after less than stellar sales. In fact, sales were so poor that people buying HomePods in the last couple of months still received units that were from the initial manufacturing run. The speaker has also been replaced by the popular $99 HomePod mini, so the HomePod name does at least live on.

By contrast, the $349 asking price meant HomePod was a hard sell on day one and dropping the price to $299 a year later did little to spark a revival for a procut that was generally accepted to be excellent in terms of sound quality. Athough perhaps not in terms of smart speaker capabilities thanks to the perpetually limited Siri.

Anyone looking to bag themselves a new HomePod can still likely find one at a third-party retailer, so there is still hope. eBay is also full of used HomePods, so anyone looking to add one to their collection can still get that stereo pair they've been promising themselves for the last few years.

For everyone else, HomePod mini is where it's at. Here are the best HomePod deals you're going to find online – why not treat yourself to the best small smart speaker on the planet?