iPhone used to capture stunning photo, videos from 360 miles above Earth

What you need to know

  • A new photo and some videos from the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission have been shared — and it was all shot on an iPhone.
  • Jared Isaacman shared everything via Twitter.

It's amazing what an iPhone can do.

We've seen iPhones used in some amazing ways over the years, but new tweets shared by SpaceX Inspiration4's Jared Isaacman include a photo and some videos that were taken more than 360 miles above Earth — and they're stunning.

Isaacman spent time in orbit as part of the SpaceX mission and while the team had more impressive, dedicated camera hardware to hand, it was left to an iPhone to capture views that were simply stunning. And a xenomorph even joined in the fun, too.

While Isaacman didn't mention which iPhone was used to capture the image and video, it's unlikely to have been an iPhone 13 given the dates involved — the whole thing went down just days after the new handsets were announced.

While the new cameras are perhaps one of the best iPhone upgrades this year, older iPhones have long been a solid option for people wanting to capture content without the expense of a dedicated shooter. As impressive as Isaacman'\s tweets are, we should perhaps be less surprised at the quality of the work and more impressed by what they show — a peaceful Earth hundreds of miles below.

That's something Isaacman himself hinted at in a separate tweet.

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