iPhone 14 (2022): Rumors, release date, price, features, more

Apple's best iPhone, the iPhone 13, is barely a few weeks old, yet we're already looking ahead to how Apple can build on its success with the next iPhone, the iPhone 14. Expected to debut in 2022, the new iPhone 14 will reportedly bring a surprising redesign that harkens back to iPhones of old, here's what we think we know.


Apple has stuck to its naming schedule for a few years now, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of a return to the 'S' upgrades of yesteryear. As you're about to find out, we're expecting a big design change with the next iPhone, so 13S wouldn't really make sense anyway. iPhone 14 it is.


Most of what we know about the next iPhone is design-based, thanks to a hefty September leak from Jon Prosser. From that report:

According to renders provided by Prosser based on information he has seen, next year's iPhone will apparently see the end of the iPhone's famous camera bump. Instead, it will just be thicker to hide the camera bump, and possibly provide for improved battery life. However, Prosser says he does not have information on the phone's internals and that he has only seen the design of the device.

According to Prosser the iPhone won't have a camera bump, but rather a flush glass back and a titanium chassis. Also, the notch is apparently on the way out in favor of a hole-punch front-facing camera, at least for the Pro models.


The iPhone 13 mini is expected to be the last mini iPhone. Instead, next year Apple will reportedly ditch the diminutive iPhone in favor of a second regular max-sized iPhone. From July

A source told Nikkei Asia that "it is pretty much decided that there won't be a Mini next year". As per previous reports, it is also claimed that Apple is planning to instead adopt a second 'Max' iPhone. The 6.7-inch phone would be a more cost-effective large iPhone with the same form factor as the iPhone 12 Pro Max but with fewer premium features.

Ming-Chi Kuo has reported similar, stating "we predict that the new 2H22 iPhone will have 4 models, namely the high-end 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch models, and the lower-end 6.7-inch and 6.1-inch models."


Apple continues to add new A '+1' chips to the iPhone each year, this year introducing the A15 Bionic. Expect an A16 next year with more performance improvements.


The iPhone 13 Pro features a 120Hz ProMotion display, and hypothetically it would make sense that Apple might add this feature to the entire iPhone lineup next year. However, DSCC's Ross Young says this is not the case, with a 60Hz LTPS display remaining in the regular iPhone. Apple might upgrade the screen in other ways, however, as it did this year with the Super Retina Display XDR.


According to reports, Apple will add a new 2TB storage configuration to the iPhone next year. Likely for the Pro model, this could see the base storage for those phones increase, and could even see 1TB debut in the regular iPhone.


According to DSCC's Ross Young, the iPhone 14 will have larger batteries across the board, boosting capacity and powering more features.


iPhone 14 will feature 5G like its predecessors and could debut support for more countries as the iPhone 13 did. Reports of satellite-enabled communication for emergencies haven't materialized with iPhone 13, so that could also be another feature to look out for.


With a rumor of 2TB storage and the possibility of a larger base storage model, it's possible next year's iPhone may be more expensive than the current version. However, Apple surprised us by keeping the price the same this year, even lowering it in some places compared to iPhone 12.

Release date

Apple returned to the September release cycle after a one-off delay last year. Expect the iPhone 14 in about a year's time. Heck, we might even get an in-person launch event next year!