iPhone 13 sees Apple retake second place in smartphone shipments

Apple reportedly shipped nearly 50 million smartphones, up 14%.

What you need to know

  • Apple has retaken second place in the smartphone vendor market.
  • Canalys estimates Apple shipped 49.2 million iPhones in Q3.
  • That's up 14% year on year.

A new report says Apple's iPhone 13 helped the company retake second place in the smartphone vendor market.

From Canalys:

Samsung was once again the leading vendor, shipping 69.4 million units for a 21% share. Apple re-took second place with the launch of the iPhone 13, shipping 49.2 million smartphones and growing 14%. Xiaomi took third place, with 44.0 million units and a 14% share, while OPPO and vivo took fourth and fifth, shipping 36.7 million and 34.2 million units respectively.

Canalys' Le Xuan Chiew said the iPhone 13 had a strong start and that Apple "could use the full might of its retail stores to drive sales" unlike last year. He also said that Apple's new best iPhone had a lot of upgrade potential for people with two or three-year-old devices thanks to an improved camera and 5G. The report says Apple also maintained some momentum with wholesale discounts to the iPhone 12. According to Canalys Apple took a 15% share of the 326 million smartphones shipped in Q3.

That leaves Apple second in the tables behind Samsung, which sold 69 million units for a 21% share of the market. Despite this, Canalys says the picture was Android was "less rosy" with shipments overall down 9%.

It comes as Apple announced $83.4 billion in revenue for Q3, up 29% year on year. Cook said that Apple gave up about $6 billion in revenue due to supply constraints caused by COVID and the global chip shortage.

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