iPhone 13 production is expected to speed up as part shortages ease

What you need to know

  • iPhone 13 supply constraints are expected to ease as parts become easier to get hold of.
  • A new report says that iPhone 13 availability will increase as components become easier to source.

iPhone delivery windows should begin to improve.

Anyone hoping to get hold of an iPhone 13 over the next few weeks should see shipping times improve, according to a new report. It's thought that the supplies of parts are speeding up which, in turn, will see delivery windows improve as we edge nearer to the holiday season.

According to a new paywalled DigiTimes report, Apple's component shortages are beginning to ease as production increases. That, in turn, also means that Apple is able to have iPhone 13 handsets built more speedily.

According to the report, we should see things improve through the beginning of 2022.

The shortage of IC components emerging in early October for iPhone 13 series is gradually easing as suppliers increase production, with assemblers on track to step up manufacturing through next February to meet terminal demand, according to supply chain

Apple's iPhone 13 is the best iPhone yet, but it's also one of the more difficult ones to get hold of. Seemingly high demand, coupled with production issues related to an ongoing global shortage of parts, has left shelves bare. It isn't a problem that has only afflicted iPhones, either. The new Apple Watch Series 7 is also suffered from production delays, while the latest iPad and Mac refreshes haven't been immune, either.