iPhone 13 Pro gets in-app macro toggle with iOS 15.2

A toggle in settings was added to disable auto macro in the last update.

What you need to know

  • Apple has again adjusted the macro mode on iPhone 13 Pro.
  • iOS 15.2 includes an in-app toggle for macro.
  • It previously added a setting to disable the auto macro feature.

Apple has added a new in-app toggle for the macro mode on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max in the latest version of iOS 15.

As noted by Aaron Zollo over at Zollotech, in his latest video Zollo explains that iOS 15.2 beta 2 now includes a very small flower icon in the camera app that will appear whenever you go close up to a subject to take a macro photo. Tapping the icon simply toggle's macro on and off, as shown below:

Apple first rolled out macro mode without any toggles and had to add a switch in the settings to disable the auto macro feature in iOS 15.1. Apple debuted macro in its new best iPhone earlier this year, from Apple:

The new lens design, autofocus capability for the first time in the Ultra Wide on iPhone, and advanced software also unlock something never before possible on iPhone: macro photography. Users can capture sharp, stunning images where objects appear larger than life, magnifying subjects with a minimum focus distance of 2 centimeters. Macro also extends to video including Slo-mo and Time-lapse.

The stunning new upgrades on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max make them the best ever iPhones for photography, and also feature a 120Hz display with ProMotion for super-smooth scrolling and animation.

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