This iPad is in short supply ahead of a rumored refresh

A new thinner, speedier model is on the way...

What you need to know

  • Apple's entry-level iPad is currently very hard to get hold of.
  • Apple stores are showing the device either out of stock or shipping in October.
  • A new ninth-generation iPad is reportedly on the way soon.

Apple's iPad (2020) is currently very difficult to get hold of, ahead of rumors that a new iPad is set to be released by Apple soon.

As noted by Mark Gurman on Twitter, the entry-level iPad is showing as unavailable, or as shipping in October. This is true in U.S. stores, and in the UK according to our checks, although the timeframe is a little shorter across the pond.

Gurman notes that Apple tells retail employees not to speculate as to why devices might be unavailable if customers ask, however, this is standard practice in stores for all of its product lines. Gurman notes for his part that a new thinner, faster version of the iPad is on its way "soon", echoing multiple previous reports.

New iPad

Reports indicate that Apple is planning a brand new entry-level iPad geared towards students later this year. Gurman has previously noted that Apple will make the tablet thinner, and with a faster processor. However, it seems that Apple is not planning the design overhaul afforded its M1 iPad Pro (2021) and iPad Air, currently Apple's best iPad, and the change rumored for the iPad mini 6 that eliminates the Home Button in favor of squarer edges and thinner bezels.

Under the hood, there's better news, with reports suggesting a new processor on the way. That could indicate that the A14 chip from the iPhone 12 might make an appearance, a welcome upgrade on its A12 Bionic processor. It's almost certain the new device won't feature the A15 expected for iPhone 13.

As noted, it's quite difficult to get your hands on one of these iPads right now, and with a new one on the way, you might want to wait to see what happens.

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iPad (2020)

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