iOS 15.2 beta 3 again tweaks iPhone 13 Pro's macro photo toggle situation

What you need to know

  • Apple made iOS 15.2 beta 3 available today.
  • A re-tooled Settings toggle now enables and disables a manual button that lives inside the Camera app.

The macro more situation is increasingly confusing.

Apple's new iOS 15.2 beta 3 release has a few changes hidden within, including yet another tweak to the way macro photography is handled on iPhone 13 Pro handsets.

The third beta builds on what the second offered by re-tooling a Settings toggle that's now named Macro Control. That toggle, when enabled, displays a little flower icon in the Camera app. That icon enables and disables macro mode when close to an object. Unfortunately, MacRumors points out that Apple is yet to re-work the copy which makes the toggle more confusing than ever.

"Show Camera control for automatically switching to the Ultra Wide lens to capture macro photos and videos," reads the description of the toggle. With this enabled, ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ and Pro Max owners can tap on a little flower-shaped icon in the Camera app to toggle on Macro mode when close to an object. This was introduced in the second beta, but it was confusing because Apple had not yet updated the wording for the toggle in the Settings app.

That confusion will hopefully be dealt with by the time iOS 15.2 is made available to the public — this is a beta, after all.

The new iPhone 13 Pro lineup consists of the best iPhone ever built for taking photos — the handsome iPhone 13 Pro Max. But this ongoing switching of the way macro photography works is troublesome, even if the arrival of a manual toggle in the second iOS 15.2 beta is an improvement over the automatic switching we currently deal with.