iOS 15: Everything you need to know

Apple has just announced iOS 15 at WWDC. Here's all the details about the next iteration of iPhone software.

Apple has just announced the next iteration of software for iPhone and iPad at WWDC 2021, appropriately named iOS 15. This was definitely expected, and we are going to see a lot of new features, changes, and improvements in the latest version of iOS.

Here's everything we know about iOS 15 so far.


iOS 15 is bringing some big changes to FaceTime calls. First, you'll be getting Spatial Audio, so everyone on a FaceTime call sounds more natural, comfortable, and lifelike. It's as if you are all in the same room. The microphone is also getting improvements with Voice Isolation and WIde Spectrum modes. Voice Isolation will use Machine Learning to block out background noise. Wide Spectrum does the opposite and will pick up everything around you, including your own voice.

Video calls in FaceTime will be getting a grid view that still makes it clear who is speaking. It will also use Portrait Mode to blur the background and put the focus on you. FaceTime calls can now be shared with a link, and you can share those links though traditional share methods through the Share Sheet. FaceTime is now also available for Android and Windows users with end-to-end encryption.

There is also going to be SharePlay, allowing you to share experiences with a group through FaceTime. This means you can listen and watch audio and video together, and even share your screen with others.


Messages has some improvements in iOS 15. Now you will have collages and stacks of photos in Messages when they are sent. There are also new embeds for Playlists and Apple News stories. In News, there is also a new "Shared with You" section in the News app, which gathers all of the Apple News stories shared with you in Messages and keeps them in one place. The Shared with You feature for Messages is shared across Photos, Apple Music, News, Safari, Podcasts, and Apple TV.

You can also pin stuff to elevate that content in those apps.


A brand new feature is Focus. This includes changes to Notifications, certain modes for personal and work life, and more.

Notifications are getting a change with Notification Summary. You now get a large "summary" of notiifcations that are sent to you at a speciic time of day that you choose. This summary bundles low priority notifications together and does not include notifications from people. And now when you turn on Do Not Disturb, it will show the status in iMessage. People will see when you have DND on, and can choose whether to send a message through DND or not.

Focus also lets you set up modes for work, personal, and more. With on-device AI, your iPhone can try to pre-guess what kind of notifications you want to receive, such as from coworkers during your work hours. These Focus modes can also reorganize your Home screen. With Focus, you can basically have a Work Mode, Personal, Weekend, and more.

Live Text

Another new feature is Live Text. This is basically bringing OCR text recognition to the native Camera app. So when you point it at text, it will pop out and you can select the text, copy it, or even paste it elsewhere. The Live Text feature also works on existing photos, allowing you to look stuff up as you need. Live Text uses a deep neural network to scan photos across the entire system, including the web. It will support seven languages on launch.


Some changes are coming to Spotlight as well in iOS 15. Spotlight universal search can now search photos in your collection, and spotlight search for contacts is less broken. It will even display DND status for contacts, right from Spotlight. There are also new cards for actors, movies, and more.

Are you excited for iOS 15?

As you can tell, there is a lot coming in iOS 15. We're excited to get our hands on it and try out all of the new features before it officially launches in the fall.

What do you think of iOS 15? Let us know in the comments.

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