Instagram is testing telling people to 'Take a Break' from scrolling

What you need to know

  • Instagram is testing a new digital wellbeing feature, but it's opt-in right now.
  • People will be prompted to take a break from scrolling, according to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

Instagram wants people to "reset" by closing the app once in a while.

Photo-sharing app Instagram is testing a new digital wellbeing feature that it hopes will help people "reset" and take some time away from it. The feature, dubbed 'Take a Break,' will prompt people to do exactly that when scrolling through their feeds.

The feature is being tested right now but is an opt-in situation, with people able to avoid it altogether if they like. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri says that the feature will appear after people have spent a set amount of time within the app — between 10 and 30 minutes, at least right now. These numbers are the result of working "with third-party experts" that have given Instagram "on what tips there should be and how to frame taking a break."

The upshot of all that is that Instagram will encourage people to take deep breaths, listen to a song, and even do something on their to-do list. Whatever you actually do is up to you, but Instagram seems to at least want it to not be scrolling pictures of cats. At least for a while.

Digital Wellbeing features a big deal right now, with Apple adding Focus mode to iOS 15 and the rest of its recent software updates. Some feel Focus mode is the best iPhone feature that people don't even realize exists, and Instagram's new tests could help people take some time back from the social network in a meaningful way.

Now we need Twitter to help us all out with doomscrolling!