Instagram reportedly plans to add moderators to live video streams

What you need to know

  • Instagram appears to be working on a feature change that will allow creators to add a moderator to their live streams.
  • Creators will only be able to add a single moderator per video.
  • Moderators will be able to "help manage comments" during streams.

Only one per video, however.

Photo and video sharing service Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow creators to add moderators to live video streams for the first time.

The news comes after code-spelunker Alessandro Paluzzi was able to get the new feature up and running, taking screenshots as they went. The feature appears to be pretty basic in that it will only allow for a single moderator to be selected per stream. That moderator only appears to be able to manage comments as well, although you have to imagine that the ability to kick or block people would also be part of their arsenal.

It isn't clear when this feature will be made available to people around the world, but Instagram wants its app to be the best iPhone app for streaming live video — and it clearly intends to make sure that creators have the features required to make that happen.

As is always the case with these features that are spied ahead of release, anything and everything could change before Instagram flicks the switch that gives everyone access to live stream moderators. It's even possible the feature will disappear altogether, so we'd guard against getting your hopes up too high until Instagram or Meta announces something official.

That being said, it seems almost a no-brainer that such a feature would be hugely beneficial to people who live stream content on the platform — to the point where one moderator seems like a limit that would need expanding at some point. Especially for more popular creators.