Instagram finally lets you delete a photo out of a carousel

What you need to know

  • Instagram now lets people delete a single photo from a carousel.
  • Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri says this is a "finally feature ".

This was a "finally feature,' says head of Instagram Adam Mosseri.

Photo and video sharing service Instagram has announced that people can finally delete photos from within a carousel without deleting the entire thing. This is a feature that people have wanted for years and it isn't clear why it has taken so long to come to fruition.

That frustration is clearly something shared by Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram. According to Mosseri's now regular announcement video, this is a "finally feature" or something that "should have been around a while ago."

Deleting a photo is as simple as editing the carousel, swiping to the photo that needs to be removed, and tapping a delete icon. Notably, users will also have 30 days to recover the photo and put it back into the same carousel before Instagram deletes it for good.

Mosseri also announced a less interesting feature — Rake Shake. Simply, Rage Shake allows people to shake their iPhone and be shown an option to report a problem. That's it. That's the feature.

Both of these features should be available to all Instagram users as of right now, but anyone who isn't seeing the change yet should probably just hang tight and wait.

Instagram is arguably the best iPhone app at what it does despite having its quirks and an ongoing concern as to whether it could be negatively impacting the mental health of youngsters.