Is Instagram down? Yep, it isn't just you!

What you need to know

  • Instagram is currently down for a ton of people.
  • People are unable to refresh their timeline.

Fingers crossed for a quick recovery.

Missing your Instagram fix? You aren't the only one, with people taking to Twitter to report that everyone's favorite dog and breakfast photo-sharing service is currently very much unavailable.

A quick check of the DownDetector website suggests that people began reporting issues a little less than an hour ago, with the number of people doing so continuing to grow. Whatever is wrong, it isn't being fixed quickly enough for some! Those who are able to access Instagram note a severe decrease in performance.

Facebook — sorry, Meta — will no doubt be hoping that this isn't a repeat of the mess that saw Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook fall over at the same time recently. So far it appears that Instagram is the only Meta entity struggling, but that could change. The previous problem was caused by a single configuration error, perhaps showing just how easily the internet-shaped house of cards can fall.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any improvement, as we're sure you will be, too!