If you buy an iPhone Lightning cable on Prime Day, it needs to be this one

There's no doubt that you use your Lightning cable more than any other accessories for your Apple devices. iPhone, iPad, AirPods, you name it, it likely uses a Lightning cable to charge up and connect to your Mac. The problem the cables Apple ships in the box are fine, but they don't last very long with repeated uses. That's why investing in a quality Lightning cable can be the best investment you'll ever make. This Prime Day, the Anker 6-foot premium nylon lightning cable (2-pack) is the only Lightning cable deal you need.

Anker 6-foot Premium Nylon Lightning Cable (2-pack) | 20% off at Amazon

Double the length of a standard Lightning cable, the Anker 6-foot premium nylon lightning cable is not only useful but super durable. It's rated for 12,000 bends, and you get two of them. There's no better Lightning cable deal this Prime Day.

$16 at Amazon

Everything you need out of a great Lightning cable, Anker's 6-foot premium nylon lightning cable provides. It's super durable, meaning you can bend it, fold it up, and coil it together as much as you need to and not have to worry about fraying. Plus, nylon braided cables are much harder to become tangled, so you don't have to untangle your cord every time you need to use it.

Charge via USB-C? There's a Lightning cable for you too!

While USB-A Lightning cables still have a tone of uses, there's some use that now you USB-C chargers, laptops, and other devices with our iPhones and iPad with. That means you likely need a USB-C to Lightning cable, and the good news is Anker has the best USB-C to Lightning cable deal for Prime Day.

Anker USB-C to Lightning Cable | 20% off at Amazon

Capable of transferring data at 480Mbps and tested for 12,000 bends, there's no better and more durable USB-C to Lightning. So jump on this Prime Day deal and save.

$12 at Amazon

The durability of Anker's cables is what really sets them apart from other Lightning cables, and it's rated for 12,000 bends which is way higher than most Lightning cables you'll find. Plus, you don't just have to use this cable for charging because it can transfer data at high speed. Up to 480Mbps! Jump on this deal now, and rest assured you're getting the best USB-C to Lightning cable deal around.

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