How to take on Cobalion in Pokémon Go

Do you have what it takes to beat Cobalion?

For Pokémon Go Fest 2021, Niantic is bringing back every Legendary Raid for one day only. On Sunday, July 18, Cobalion will return to Raids, alongside dozens of other Legenday Pokémon. Fortunately, we here at iMore have everything you need to know to win this fight and add Cobalion to your roster. And be sure to check out our Best Pokémon Go accessories, so you can be fully equipped for your Pokémon Journey!

Who is Cobalion in Pokémon Go?

Like most Legendary Pokémon, Cobalion is one of a set. This particular set is known as the Swords of Justice and Cobalion is their leader. Based on The Three Musketeers, Cobalion represents Athos, the oldest and de facto leader of the group. The other three members of the group are Terrakion (a Rock and Fighting-type) representing Porthos, the strongest member of the group, Virizion (a Grass and Fighting-type) representing Aramis, the feminine and romantic member of the group, and Keldeo (a Water and Fighting-type with two forms) representing d'Artagnan, the young new addition to the group.

When Cobalion was first introduced, it left much to be desired, but now that its signature move, Sacred Sword, has been introduced, it can finally live up to its potential. Sacred Sword is a Legacy move, so it will cost an Elite TM to get, but it's well worth it!

What are the best counters for Cobalion in Pokémon Go?

A Steel and Fighting type Pokémon, Cobalion is capable of dealing Steel, Fighting, Psychic, and Rock type damage, and it takes double damage from Fighting, Fire, and Ground type attacks. This means its moveset makes a pretty big difference. Also, with the introduction of Mega Evolution, there are three different Mega Evolved Pokémon who can boost the attack power of any Fire type counters.

Mega Charizard Y

One of two Mega Evolutions of Gen I's Fire starter, Charmander, Mega Charizard Y is the best counter for Cobalion. If it were possible to bring more than one Mega Evolved Pokémon, a team of Mega Charizard Y could wipe the floor with this Sword of Justice. This Fire and Flying type takes reduced damage from Steel and Fire, but increased damage from Rock. Fire Spin and Blast Burn are the moves you'll want your Mega Charizard Y to know for this fight.


The Legendary mascot of Pokémon Black, Reshiram is an excellent counter for Cobalion. As a Dragon and Fire type, it resists Steel type moves, but takes increased damage from Rock. Unfortunately, it was introduced to Pokémon Go in the midst of the pandemic and so has had extremely limited availability. Many players don't even have one, much less the Candies to power it up. Still, if you're lucky enough to have a high CP Reshiram, you'll want it to know Fire Fang and Overheat for this Raid.

Mega Charizard X

While not as great as Mega Charizard Y, Mega Charizard X is a superb counter for Cobalion. As a Fire and Dragon type, it resists Steel type moves, but takes increased damage from Rock type attacks. I wouldn't reccomend Mega Evolving this Pokémon just for this Raid, but if you already have one Mega Evolved, it is your best option. You'll also want your Mega Charizard X to know Fire Spin and Blast Burn for this fight.


A Fighting type originally encounters in Gen V's Unova region, Conkeldurr is more accessible and affordable than most of the Pokémon on this list. This is because its first stage, Timburr has been featured in events, and it benefits from Trade Evolution, leaving lots of Candy left over to power it up. It takes double damage from Zen Headbutt, but only half from Stone Edge. You'll want your Conkeldurr to know Counter and Dynamic Punch for this Raid.

Mega Houndoom

Yet another Mega Pokémon for the list, Mega Houndoom is the Mega Evolved version of Gen II's Houndoom. As a Dark and Fire type takes double damage from both Rock and Fighting type attacks, but it resists Steel and Psychic. As a Mega Pokémon, it will boost the damage of other Fire types in the Raid so if it's safe to do so, coordinate with your Raid party. Fire Fang and Flamethrower is the moveset you're looking for.


A Fighting a Steel type first encountered in the Sinnoh region of Gen IV, Lucario takes half damage from Steel type attacks and quarter damage from Rock, but double damage from Fighting. Still, with Counter and Aura Sphere, it's an excellent choice for this Raid. It's first stage is still relatively uncommon though, showing up exclusively in eggs, so you might not have more than one or two powered up.


Darmanitan is a unique Gen V Pokémon whose typing changes across multiple formes; however, the standard Unovan forme is the one you'll want to bring to fight Cobalion. As a pure fire type, it takes double damage from Rock and half damage from Steel, and it only has two stages, making it inexpensive to power up. Fire Fang and Overheat is the ideal moveset for this Raid.


A Ghost and Fire type originally encountered in Gen V's Unova region, Chandelure performs very well in this fight. Its first stage, Litwick has been featured in multiple events, including both last year's and this year's Halloween, so lots of players have at least a couple powered up. As a Ghost and Fire type, Chandelure takes half damage from Steel and quarter damage from Fighting, but double damage from Rock. You'll want your Chandelure to know Fire Spin and Overheat for this Raid.


The final stage of Gen III's Fire starter, Blaziken is an excellent counter for Cobalion, able to hit two different weaknesses. As a Fire and Fighting type, it resists Steel type moves, but is weak to Psychic type damage. It's been featured in a number of events, including Community Day, so most players have at least one or two already. Counter and Blast Burn are the ideal moves in a vacuum, but if you're pairing it with Mega Charizard or Mega Houndoom, Fire Spin is a good fast move that will benefit from the Mega Boost.

Landorus (Therian forme)

One of the Forces of Nature from Unova, Landorus (Therian forme) is a solid choice here. As a Ground and Flying type, it resists Fighting type moves, and it has no weaknesses Cobalion can exploit. Although the Therian forme has only been in Raids once, both formes use the same Candy, making it easier to power up. If you are bringing Landorus to this Raid, Mud Shot and Earthquake are the moves you'll want it to know.


One of the Legendary Beasts of Johto, Entei finishes up our top counters list. Readily available, Entei has been featured in Raids, Research Breakthrough Rewards, and more, so most players have had plenty of opportunities to add it to their roster. As a pure Fire type, it resists Steel, but is weak to Rock type moves. Fire Fang and Overheat is the moveset you're looking for.

Back ups

You might not have a full team of the best counters, especially considering how many are Mega Evolved or Legendary Pokémon. Fortunately, there are plenty of other Pokémon that make for solid counters. If you're trying to fill a spot or two in your raid team, consider one of these back ups:

  • Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Excadrill with Mud-Slap and Drill Run
  • Garchomp with Mud Shot and Earth Power
  • Moltres with Fire Spin and Overheat
  • Emboar with Ember and Blast Burn
  • Breloom with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Mega Lopunny with Low Kick and Focus Blast
  • Victini with Confusion and V Create
  • Heatran with Fire Spin and Flamethrower
  • Landorus (Incarnate forme) with Mud Shot and Earth Power
  • Mega Gengar with Shadow Claw and Focus Blast
  • Groudon with Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • Hariyama with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Flareon with Fire Spin and Overheat
  • Charizard with Fire Spin and Blast Burn
  • Typhlosion with Incinerate and Blast Burn
  • Infernape with Fire Spin and Blast Burn
  • Rhyperior with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Arcanine with Fire Fang and Flamethrower
  • Mewtwo with Confusion and Flamethrower

Shadow Pokémon?

The rebalance of Shadow Pokémon rescued from Team GO Rocket make them excellent glass cannons. Not only are their stats boosted, but during special events, it's possible to change their moves with TMs. If you happen to have Shadow versions of the following Pokémon with the right moveset, they will work very well in this Raid:

  • Shadow Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Entei with Fire Fang and Overheat
  • Shadow Moltres with Fire Spin and Overheat
  • Shadow Hariyama with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Magmortar with Fire Spin and Fire Punch
  • Shadow Ho-Oh with Incinerate and Fire Blast
  • Shadow Arcanine with Fire Fang and Flamethrower
  • Shadow Mewtwo with Confusion and Flamethrower
  • Shadow Salamence with Fire Fang and Fire Blast
  • Shadow Alakazam with Counter and Focus Blast
  • Shadow Gallade with Low Kick and Close Combat

Note: Shadow Machamp and Shadow Entei outperform all of the best, non-Mega counters. If you are able to coordinate the use of either Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, and/or Mega Houndoom, they will boost all Fire type attackers on the field, making Fire types more competitive.

How many players does it take to beat Cobalion in Pokémon Go?

While it is technically possible for just two top level Trainers with excellent counters to take on Cobalion, if you're not bringing Mega Evolved Pokémon, Shadow Pokémon, or are just lower level, you may need as many as five. Weather Conditions that may play into the battle include:

  • Cloudy Weather will boost Cobalion's Fighting type attack, as well as your Fighting type counters.
  • Wind will boost Cobalion's Psychic type attack.
  • Snow will boost Cobalion's Steel type attacks.
  • Partly Cloudy Weather will boost Cobalion's Rock type attack.
  • Sunny/Clear Weather will boost your Fire type counters, and if you happen to be brigning any Ground types.

Questions about taking on Cobalion in Pokémon Go?

There you have it. With these Pokémon, Cobalion should be an easy addition to your Pokédex. Do you have any questions? Drop them in the comments below and be sure to check out our Best Portable Battery Packs guide so you can keep your phone charged while you're out Raiding!