You can invite your villagers to build a vacation home without using amiibo

Souvenir chocolates are the key to any villager's heart.

The Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC is one of the most relaxing and non-stressful expansions you'll ever encounter. You get to make dream getaways for any animal clients you talk to on the island. But if you specifically want to create a vacation home for one of your favorite villagers on your home island, you'll need to invite them over. You can do it by scanning their Animal Crossing amiibo card or inviting them in person. Here's how to do that.

Vacation with me

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC

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Create custome vacation homes for villagers

Your cute animal neighbors need somewhere to get away. You can even invite your favorite villagers from your home island and make the perfect little homes for them.

How to make vacation homes for your home island villagers

  1. While in the Happy Home Paradise island, purchase Souvenir Chocolates from the Paradise Planning building. They're located on the far left of the building. You can buy one for 800 Poki or three for 2,000 Poki.
  2. Talk to Wilbur and head back to your home island.

  3. Give your intended villager the Souvenir Chocolates.
  4. Talk to the villager again.

  5. When they express jealousy or appreciation for your vacation respond by saying Wanna check it out?
  6. They will follow you to the airport and fly with you to the Paradise Planning island.

  7. Run to the Paradise Planning building and talk with Lottie to change into your work clothes.
  8. Now run back out and talk with your villager to initiate their vacation home design.

Now you've brought your villager to the island where you work, and you can get to making their dream vacation.

Inviting your villagers using amiibo

Now, you can also invite villagers from your home island to come to the Happy Home Paradise DLC if you have their amiibo card. You unlock rewards as you continue to build vacation homes and the Animal Crossing amiibo scanning ability unlocks after you've designed vacation homes for seven clients.

Once amiibo scanning is available, interact with the amiibo device on the counter in front of Lottie. Select Contact Someone, and then hover your amiibo over the right joystick on your Joy-Cons or over the Nintendo logo on your Pro Controller if you're using one. Note that many third-party controllers do not offer amiibo scanning.

Once that's done, the villager you invited will show up, and you can create their dream home.

Come fly with me

Now that your favorite villagers can come to Happy Home Paradise, you can create the perfect vacation homes to match their personalities. Have fun decorating and getting to know your villagers even more than before.