Google Photos gains improved editing and HDR for Google One subscribers

What you need to know

  • Google One subscribers can now enjoy improved editing features in Google Photos.
  • Portrait photo editing, smart suggestions, and more are included.

Not a Google One subscriber? There's nothing here for you!

Anyone who is a Google One subscriber and also happens to use Google Photos on iOS is in luck! Google has announced that those people — how many can it really be? — can now take advantage of some new editing features.

Popping up as part of a Google community announcement,, the move requires an iOS device running iOS 14 or later and it mimics similar features already available to Android users.

Here's what's new:

  • Portrait light: Change the position and brightness of light for photos of people.
  • Blur: Blur the background on certain photos of people not captured in portrait mode.
  • Color focus: Desaturate the background, while you keep the foreground color for photos of people.
  • Smart suggestions: Easy to use one-tap edits that adapt to each photo's content.
  • HDR: Enhance brightness and contrast across the image.
  • Sky: Select from several palettes and adjust the color and contrast in the sky.

So there we have it. If you're already using Google Photos and pay for Google One, you just got some new toys to try the next time you're editing an image. Enjoy!

While I'm not sure many would say that Google Photos is the best iPhone photo management or editing solution out there, these changes are still welcome ones for those who use it — whether by choice, or not.