Get a free microSD card when buying a Nintendo Switch Lite on Prime Day

There usually aren't very many Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals each year since these gaming systems tend to be in such great demand. Sometimes it's hard to even find them in stock. However, there is one really good sale today that basically nets you a free microSD card with your purchase of a Nintendo Switch Lite.

This is actually the ideal way to purchase this system given that the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite only offer 32GB of internal storage, which is only enough space for two or three big games. So any new Switch owner really ought to purchase a memory card. What really makes this a good bundle is the that memory card included is one of the best microSD cards for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Lite with SanDisk 128GB MicroSD Card | $35 off at Amazon

When you get this bundle for the handheld version of the Nintendo Switch you also receive a free SanDisk 128GB microSD card. That way you'll have plenty of room to play the best Nintendo Switch games.

$200 at Amazon

The Nintendo Switch Lite is smaller than the original Switch, doesn't have detachable Joy-Cons, and is unable to connect to a TV. However, it makes for a great personal handheld device that can be taken on vacations, while running errands, or used to entertain yourself when the TV is already taken.

The SanDisk microSD card included in this bundle is actually the same one I use in my Switch. I love that it has that Nintendo red coloring and includes an image of a Mushroom from the Mario games. Plus, that 128GB of space has allowed me to play dozens of the best Nintendo Switch games without running out of room.

This particular Switch Lite and microSD card bundle deal extends to all five of the base Switch Lite colors: Turquoise, Yellow, Grey, Coral, and Blue (or Blurple as many call it). Snatch yours up before this deal goes away.