German Apple Maps users can now report accidents and hazards

What you need to know

  • Apple Maps users in Germany can now report accidents and hazards.
  • People can report issues using Apple CarPlay and Siri.

There's no speed camera reporting, however.

Apple Maps users in Germany can now report accidents and other hazards for other drivers, according to a new report. While the feature was already available elsewhere, this is the first time it has come to the German version of Apple's map software.

First spotted by Macerkopf, the change allows people to report accidents and hazards using the Apple Maps app for the first time. Those who are driving can even report issues using Siri, too.

Via Apple machine translation:

As soon as you use Apple Maps to navigate from A to B, you will now see the opportunity to report a malfunction via the accompanying menu. If you tap on this menu item, you can choose between accident and danger. As soon as you select a corresponding fault, a short countdown begins, at the end of which the fault is actually reported. The countdown is apparently intended to prevent incorrect operation, so you can cancel the message. By the way, the whole thing also works via CarPlay and a message can also be sent via Siri.

However, unlike in the United States, Germans cannot report speed cameras via the app. The only two options are for accidents and hazards no matter what method people use to make the report.

Apple Maps, after a rocky start, has grown to become one of the best iPhone mapping apps around — including for drivers who use it for navigation information. Improvements like this absolutely help in that regard, as is the first-class Apple CarPlay support — as you would expect from Apple.