GeekWire Podcast: Andy Jassy on Amazon’s future; Yoky Matsuoka on Google and Apple; Ciara on music and business creativity

Engineer and entrepreneur Yoky Matsuoka, entertainer and entrepreneur Ciara, and new Amazon CEO Andy Jassy at the GeekWire Summit in Seattle this week. (Kevin Lisota and Dan DeLong Photos)

This week on the GeekWire Podcast, we’re sharing a few highlights from the GeekWire Summit, our annual business and technology conference, which we held this week for an audience in Seattle and online.

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On this week’s show:

Computer scientist and entrepreneur Yoky Matsuoka talks about her journey from academia to Silicon Valley, and compares and contrasts her experiences at Apple and Google. Matsuoka is leading an independent Panasonic subsidiary called Yohana that recently launched a personal assistant subscription service.

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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy addresses questions about the company’s impact on the world and responsibilities beyond serving customers. The GeekWire Summit appearance was Jassy’s first live on-stage interview since succeeding founder Jeff Bezos as Amazon CEO — leading one of the world’s most influential companies at a pivotal moment in its history.

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Grammy-award winning entertainer and entrepreneur Ciara discusses creativity and independence in music and business. She talks about the moment of insight that accompanied her hit song “Level Up,” which became an ethos that translates into her work in music, business, fashion, and more.

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