Save 20% for this game controller that works on iOS and Nintendo Switch

There are plenty of options to choose from when looking for the best game controller for iPhone or the best game controllers for Nintendo Switch. Still, it's awesome when you can find something that works incredibly well for both. For instance, the Gamesir G4 Pro is a wireless game controller that comes with several extra conveniences and works with Apple TV, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

In addition to its wide compatibility, it's currently 20% off, making it one of the best Prime Day Apple TV deals.

Gamesir G4 Pro Wireless Game Controller | 20% off at Amazon

This nifty device works with most iPhones and basically transforms your phone into a Switch. The buttons and joysticks work wonderfully, and it stores away for easy travel. It's perfect for mobile games and is currently 30% off.

$40 at Amazon

So, what makes this stand out from other options on the market? It's customizable for one thing. Do you know how a Nintendo Switch controller has buttons in very different spots from other controllers? Well, the A, B, X, and Y buttons for the Gamesir G4 Pro attach magnetically and can be rotated to different positions to match whatever device you're playing on.

This gamepad also includes rumble, a built-in battery, a turbo button, and a gyroscope for motion controls. Not to mention it's designed to feel great in your hands and even has a rubberized grip for a better hold. Did I mention that the triggers are plated with metal for a really cool feel?

Despite all of these awesome features and its wide compatibility, this controller isn't that expensive. With the current Amazon Prime Day deal, it's even more affordable than normal. Whether you're looking for something to play the best Nintendo Switch games, Apple Arcade games, or other iOS games, this controller will be a great asset to you.