'Foundation' showrunner breaks down the series' new teaser trailer

What you need to know

  • Foundation showrunner David S. Goyer sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
  • The writer/producer talked about the lesson of the series as well as its technical accomplishments.

The only place Foundation wasn't shot was space.

Earlier today, Apple announced that Foundation, its highly anticipated Sci-Fi series, will premiere on Apple TV+ on September 24.

To celebrate the announcement, showrunner David S. Goyer, best known for The Dark Knight Trilogy and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about what to expect with the new Sci-Fi epic. The creator says that the basic question that the series looks to answer is whether or not it is possible to learn from our past.

"You're entertaining people first and maybe getting them to think about things after the fact, whether it's global warming, whether it's globalization, whether it's Brexit, whether it's the polarization of what's happening in America today," Goyer continues. "The irony is they are not new upheavals. They're upheavals that have happened again and again and again throughout society going back tens of thousands of years. An optimist would say, 'Hey, the cycles happened before. Can we learn anything from it?' In a way, that's what the show's about."

If you've seen the trailers, you'll know that the visuals of Foundation are quite stunning. That isn't fake, says Goyer. The crew traveled across the world to put as much in frame as they possibly could.

"I was determined that we really went to these places," he says. "It's a show I wanted to be very textural. We went to the Canary Islands, we went to Berlin, we went to Malta, and we went to Iceland. The proof is in the pudding. The shoot was incredibly arduous. It's the hardest shoot that I've ever been involved in, but I really believe as much as possible in doing things for real and having as many real elements as possible. So when you see these sumptuous locales in episode 1 and episode 3, we weren't faking it."

It's like, "if Star Wars were made by Terrence Malick," he adds. "My producer hated me when we were in the Canary Islands. We shot at magic hour almost every single day. It was important to me that the actors were really experiencing the wind and the snow and the ocean, and that there'd actually be a bit of a struggle in the making of it. I think you feel that. I think you feel it in your bones."

If you haven't seen the newest trailer for Foundation, check it out below:

Foundation will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, September 24. If you want to see the series in the best quality possible, check out our list of the Best TVs for Apple TV 2021.

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