I'll be picking up more Anker Powerline+ II cables with this Prime Day deal

As much as we love Apple products here at iMore, there is one that we certainly don't like, and that's Apple's Lightning cables. Apple's cables are known to fall apart and fray easily over time, and they just get worn out way too fast. However, I personally have several Anker Powerline Lightning cables at home, and it's one of my preferred brands when it comes to power accessories like cables and battery packs. In addition, Anker has recently updated the Powerline+ II to USB-C, which goes perfectly with the best iPhone 12 chargers for that fast charging capability.

Anker Powerline+ II usually goes for $24.99, but with 33% off for Prime Day, it's just $16.79, making it one of the best Prime Day iPhone deals we've seen. In fact, I'm about to pick some more of these cables up myself because I can attest to the high quality of Anker cables in general (I also need to upgrade my standard USB one to a USB-C for that fast charging, yo!)

Anker Powerline+ II USB-C-to-Lightning Cable | 33% off at Amazon

$16.79 at Amazon

Anker's Powerline+ II has been upgraded to USB-C with Power Delivery. It comes in 3-foot or 6-foot lengths and is nylon braided for extra durability.

I've said it several times before, but Anker is one of my own most trusted brands. I have bought many Anker power products before for my iPhones and iPads, and have never been disappointed. In fact, I bought the standard USB version of the Powerline+ II back in 2019, and it's still going strong, even as I use it every night to charge up my iPhone. And I can bet that the USB-C-to-Lightning version of the Powerline+ II is just as good, if not better.

First off, the Powerline+ II comes in both 3-foot and 6-foot lengths, so it works wonderfully at your desk or by your bedside or couch. The Prime Day deal applies to the 6-foot version specifically, which I honestly prefer because that extra length comes in handy, especially in bed. It also comes in black and red colors, so you can pick whichever one suits your fancy.

What I love most about the Powerline+ II is the fact that the cable itself is double braided with two-tone nylon. This helps distinguish the cable from your standard cables, and it also ensures extra durability. Anker says that the Powerline+ II lasts 30x longer than ordinary cables, and I totally believe it. The company also stress test the cable in a laboratory and can guarantee it will withstand over 30,000 bends. I must have bent and twisted my original Powerline+ II cable hundreds or thousands of times by now, and it still works as good as the day I bought it.

Since the Powerline+ II now features USB-C with Power Delivery, you're going to get even faster charging speeds. Anker claims you'll get a 50% charge in just 30 minutes, and the fast charging is compatible all the way back to iPhone 8 devices. So no matter what iPhone you're using, it will power up in no time flat. And if you still transfer data to and from your iPhone with your computer, the Powerline+ II supports up to 480Mbps data speed transfer.

Worried about safety? Don't be — Anker is an MFi certified brand, and the Powerline+ II is just another quality product. You also get a lifetime warranty on the cable, so if you have any issues with it, just contact Anker support, and they will make it right.

I'm definitely picking up some more Anker Powerline+ II USB-C-to-Lightning cables to have around the house — this deal is just too good! For even more savings, don't forget to check out the other great Prime Day deals we've rounded up for your shopping pleasure.