First Apple Watch Series 7 preorders begin to arrive to customers

What you need to know

  • The first Apple Watch Series 7 preorders have begun to arrive to customers around the world.
  • Customers in New Zealand are among the first to receive Apple's latest Apple Watch.
  • The new generation officially releases on Friday, October 15 local time.

It's already October 15 somewhere!

The first Apple Watch Series 7 preorders are getting into the hands of their owners.

The Apple Watch Series 7 models officially release in stores and online on Friday, October 15. While most of us still have to wait for Friday to roll around, it is already that day in New Zealand and Australia. Customers in the country have begun to receive delivery of their new Apple Watches.

New Zealand does not currently have any Apple Stores in the country so all of its customers are getting their Apple Watch Series 7 models through delivery. In Australia, however, Apple does have a retail presence so we should also expect to see photos of customers picking up their new Apple Watches at their local store.

Apple originally announced the Apple Watch Series 7 at its virtual event in September along with the iPhone 13, 6th generation iPad mini, and 9th generation iPad. The new smartwatch features a larger display, smaller bezels, faster charging, and a more durable finish. It also comes in a new range of colors.

The release of the Apple Watch Series 7 is happening as many customers wait in anticipation of Apple's upcoming October event which is set to kick off next Monday. That event is expected to feature the introduction of the company's long-awaited upgrade to the MacBook Pro.

Apple Watch Series 7

Starting at $399 at Apple

The Apple Watch Series 7 features a larger display, crack-resistant glass, faster charging, and more.