The first 32-inch UltraFine OLED Pro review suggests LG is onto a winner

What you need to know

  • LG's new UltraFIne OLED Pro monitor is closer than ever to being released.
  • The first review suggests that LG's display could be a stunner.

Note that the review was by a company selling the device, however.

LG's new 32-inch UltraFine OLED Pro display is closer than ever to being something we can buy and a new review suggests that's something we might actually want to do. This thing looks like it's going to be a beast.

Reviewed by BH Photo's Doug Guerra, the 32-inch monster packs a 16:9 4K HDR OLED screen that looks stunning, although you can't actually buy one just yet — a BH Photo listing suggests that it won't be long before you can, though.

It's worth noting that as much as the monitor is getting a rave review here, BH Photo is also a company that will be selling the new display. That might be something to keep in mind when you're watching.

Doug talks about the LG UltraFine 32EP950-B HDR OLED Monitor, which is designed for creative professionals, such as photographers and content creators. This versatile 4K monitor works in a variety of situations, such as color grading or photo editing. What are your thoughts on this LG monitor?

The $4,000 will undoubtedly be compared with Apple's Pro Display XDR, with the LG monitor offering a lower peal brightness. That might be the biggest factor against it for those looking to do serious image and HDR video work on this thing, but it will still likely more than suffice for the vast majority of people.

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