FI Scouts is an iPhone app for gaining your financial independence

What you need to know

  • FI Scouts is a new iPhone app that hopes to help you on the road to financial independence.
  • You'll track your progress, net worth, and FI number as you go.

Sometimes we all need a little help.

FI Scouts is a new app for iPhone that's designed to help you on your way towards becoming financially independent. Saving money sounds easy and in theory, it is. But sometimes we all need a helping hand and FI Scouts is here to lend one.

There are tons of different apps in the App Store that promise to make you better at managing your money, but few actually do so in a way that works for everyone. Sometimes you just need to find the one that clicks with the way you think – and hopefully FI Scouts is the one that clicks for you.

This app lets you track your net worth, FI number and your savings rate as often as you need to. FI Scouts shows your progress with big numbers and stunning charts, so you're always on top of your goals. All data entry is done manually for security reasons, and your data stays safe and private.

Financial independence means having enough money in the bank to keep you ticking over after retirement. That might seem a long way off for many of the people reading this but, as someone rapidly approaching their 40s, I can promise you that it isn't!

Like all good apps, FI Scouts promises to keep your data safe and secure and there is no syncing mechanism with any third-party accounts to worry about, either.

You can download FI Scouts from the App Store now. It's free, with in-app purchases available purely by way of a tipping mechanism. If FI Scouts helps you, please do consider helping out its developer in return.