Evidence mounts of an upcoming second Berlin Apple Store

What you need to know

  • A new Apple Store looks set to open on Rosenthaler Straße in Berlin, Germany.
  • We've been hearing of a second Berlin Apple store for months and it's now closer to completion than ever.

A Polish Interior designer is thought to be the one behind the work going on inside.

We've been hearing talk of a second Berlin Apple Store for months now and it seems it might be getting ready for an unveiling, although Apple is yet to confirm the store's existence.

We heard back in April that Rosenthaler Straße was the likely spot for a new Apple Store, with construction having already missed its late-2020 window for completion. Now, as we edge nearer the end of 2021, privacy screens have been removed from the unit — with a black box covering what is very likley to be the telltale Apple logo.

iFun, via Apple's machine translation:

When visiting on site, it almost no longer looks like a construction site at the new location. The black wood cladding has been largely dismantled and now consists only of a privacy screen about three meters high, which not only reveals the view of still hidden glass windows in large format, but also of a square-black wooden box directly above the door.

A Polish interiore designer also appears to be taking credit for whatever work has gone in onside the building, saying work was completed recently while sharing that they have worked with Apple since 2013.

If this is indeed an Apple Store — and it seems very likely that it is at this point — we can expect to hear something official from Apple eventually.