Don't want to buy an AirTag holder? 3D print your own instead!

What you need to know

  • Apple sells some great accessories for AirTags, but some of them are costly.
  • You can 3D print your own if you'd rather not spend the extra cash.

Just be warned, it won't look as great as Apple's own keychain holders.

The arrival of AirTag after a long period of waiting was somewhat tempered by the fact we have to buy accessories to be able to attach it to our keys and whatnot. Some of those accessories are pretty costly, but there's another option. You can 3D print your own.

The folk at NewsBytes have even gone so far as to provide all the information you need to be able to print your own case – and they aren't charging a penny. To them, Apple's decision to charge more money to make the $29 AirTag useful isn't that great. They might have a point.

The AirTag might be an engineering marvel, but Apple forcing users to spend on mandatory cases left a sour taste in our mouths. That's why we came up with a free AirTag case that you can download and 3D print for free.

Admittedly, this thing isn't going to look amazing and it isn't as lovely as the best accessories for AirTags available elsewhere. But it's free – assuming you have the 3D printer and consumables already, of course!

What more could you ask for? Other than for Apple to put a hole in this thing somewhere, I suppose.