Protect your iPad mini 5 screen with this $35 Prime Day deal!

The iPad mini 5 is the perfect tablet to take with you wherever you go. Its compact form factor makes it extra portable, so you can always have a tablet with you regardless of where you are. However, portability does have a downside. The more you carry around your iPad, the more chances you have to scratch and scuff that beautiful screen. If you do scratch your iPad screen, it can make for a less than optimal user experience.

That's why we always suggest a screen protector for your iPad mini 5, and the excellent Belkin ScreenForce is on sale for Prime Day. At $35, you'll save 22% on this fantastic screen protector, meaning you can carry your iPad mini 5 around worry-free!

Belkin ScreenForce tempered glass screen protector for iPad mini 5 | 22% off at Amazon

Made from tempered glass, the Belkin ScreenForce is the perfect way to keep away scratches and scuffs on your iPad mini 5 screen. Plus, it's thin enough to ensure that the Apple Pencil still works flawlessly, meaning you don't lose any sensitivity or functionality.

$35 at Amazon

While you can find cheaper screen protectors on the market, a lot of them will be flimsy film protectors that barely do anything to protect your screen. The Belkin ScreenForce is made from tempered glass, which is the superior material for protecting your iPad mini 5 screens from damage. Plus, Belkin has a great reputation for making Apple accessories, and they back up the ScreenForce with a lifetime warranty.

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