Director Steven Soderbergh to shoot scenes in Seattle for HBO Max thriller about a tech worker

Director Steven Soderbergh during an event in Seattle in 2017. (FilmMagic Photo for HBO)

Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh is returning to Seattle to shoot scenes for a thriller called “KIMI,” starring Zoe Kravitz.

According to The Seattle Times, crews could be in town this week to film exterior scenes. The Times previously reported on a call for extras to work on the film.

Kravitz stars as “an agoraphobic tech worker” who “discovers recorded evidence of a violent crime and tries reporting it,” the IMDb description for “KIMI” reads. “Finding resistance and bureaucracy, she will have to do what she fears the most.”

Interior scenes for the film were shot in Los Angeles earlier this spring, the Times reported.

Deadline reported that “KIMI” will premiere on HBO Max. It’s Soderbergh’s third collaboration with the streaming platform.

The director, known for such films as “Sex, Lies and Videotape,” “Traffic,” and “Ocean’s Eleven,” visited Seattle and HBO’s engineering offices to promote a previous project in 2017.

“It’s not a film, and it’s not a TV show. It’s kind of its own thing,” he said at the time about the “Mosaic” app he made for HBO.

Soderbergh most recently served as producer of the 2021 Oscars ceremony.

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