Of course Apple is developing iPads with larger screens

A new report by Bloomberg's Mark Gurman over the weekend suggested that Apple is developing large iPads. Like, really large. And that ... isn't a surprise and I'm absolutely here for it.

The largest iPad Apple has ever made is the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and what a great machine it is. Its large screen looks stunning and it'll only get better as Apple tweaks its mini-LED technology. But as big as that display might look beside the smaller 11-inch iPad Pro, it's minuscule beside the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Surely, for iPad Pro to fill its potential the way Apple sees it, it'll need to take some of the jobs the 16-inch MacBook Pro is so great at and make them its own — and for that, it needs a bigger screen.

Apple's battleship MacBook Pro has always been the one videographers and photographers have gravitated to. Not only because it tends to come with the faster processors and most RAM, but also because it's easier to see the fruits of your labor on the move when you have a massive screen to play with. The iPad Pro is a great tool for both groups of creatives, but I'm sure they'd all love to have the benefit of something like a 16-inch iPad Pro. Imagine being able to touch your videos and photos on something that big. As one former iMore employee might have said, "it makes the kind of sense that does."

Me? I'm no photographer beyond taking photos of my kids and the birds destroying our feed feeder in the garden. I make videos of the kids playing and, again, the birds eating us out of house and home. But I'd still love a massive iPad Pro.

I mean, really. Who wouldn't want a screen that's so huge that they can touch? With their fingers?! It's just cool in that old-school "tech is awesome" kind of way. But for those who do more than play with their iPads, a 16-inch tablet needs to happen eventually.

It's time to make it happen, Apple. It'd be the best iPad ever!