Colorful MacBook Airs are cool and all, but let me buy a black one too

It's looking likely the next MacBook Air will come in some funky colors, but what if you're boring like me?

I've nothing against colorful computers, except the potential for Apple overstretching itself. I love the look of the green and blue concepts that are knocking around today and I'm sure there will be a ton of them in your local coffee shop. But not in front of me. I'm old, boring, and just not hip enough to pull it off. I need Space Gray otherwise I'll look like I'm trying to be hip.

I am far from hip.

The renders Jon Prosser shared earlier today do show something that looks a little like a cross between the Silver and Space Gray colors we've seen Apple offer its portables in of late and I could presumably get away with one of those. I'm still no fan of the claimed white display bezels because, frankly, it makes the whole shebang look like it's either escaped from the 1980s or, worse, a Microsoft store. Maybe it'll grow on me. I doubt it.

For now, I'll just hope that's one of the things Prosser has gotten wrong this time around. He did say that there was some artistic license employed in terms of those bezels so who knows, the day might be saved yet. But given the love-it-or-hate-it look of the front of the new 24-inch iMac, my hopes aren't high.

But then again, I'm old and not at all hip. Maybe I'm just not cool enough for a MacBook Air anymore. I'll accept that – so long as nobody screws up that Apple silicon 16-inch MacBook Pro the rumors have been promising me for the last few months!