Clubhouse gains spatial audio to make it easier to tell who's speaking

What you need to know

  • A new Clubhouse update has added support for spatial audio.
  • It'll now be easier than ever to tell when someone new is talking.

There's no Apple Dolby Atmos head tracking, but it's still pretty cool.

Popular voice chat app Clubhouse has gained support for spatial audio, making it easier than ever to tell when a new person is speaking on a call.

Announced via Twitter, the feature is now rolling out on iOS while those who use Android will have to wait a little while. It shouldn't be too long though, with Clubhouse saying the dark side will get its own spatial audio "soon."

The tweet also comes with a demonstration of how spatial audio will work. Spatial audio should mean that you'll more easily be able to tell when a different speaker pipes up. It's an interesting use for the technology, although don't expect any kind of head tracking here — this isn't Apple's implementation of the same feature.

Apple made spatial audio popular with its own implementation, but all it really means is that audio will sound like it's in 3D space — something that is obviously useful in apps like Clubhouse. Apple's Dolby Atmos functionality sounds amazing in the right hands, and its own AirPods Pro and AirPods Max really help there.

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