Claris FileMaker Pro update gets macOS Monterey support and more

What you need to know

  • Claris has released FileMaker Pro 19.4.1 with full support for macOS Monterey.
  • Users can take advantage of Shortcuts for the first time, with a ton more improvements included.

The new update is available for download now.

Claris FileMaker Pro has a new update out with support for macOS Monterey, Shortcuts, and more. The new update is now available for download as FileMaker Pro 19.4.1.

The update, which can be downloaded from Claris now priced at $19 per user, per month, has a lengthy release note document that covers both Windows and Mac. But it's the addition of macOS Monterey support that is most important — along with support for Shortcuts.

Starting in macOS Monterey, shortcuts can run FileMaker® scripts in FileMaker Pro (as in Claris FileMaker Go® since version 19.0). In the Script Workspace, you can designate which scripts in a FileMaker Pro file to donate to the Shortcuts app. You can then run a shortcut using the Shortcuts app or Siri voice commands to open the file, run your script, and pass in an optional parameter.

Other improvements include customizable OAuth identity provider support, too.

Starting in Claris FileMaker Server® 19.4.1, you can set up one of several additional supported OAuth identity providers. Along with more settings to support more providers, you can also customize the name and icon of the provider that users will see when they sign in with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, or Claris FileMaker WebDirect®. See FileMaker Server Help. For a list of supported providers, see FileMaker Server technical specifications in the Knowledge Base.

All of this, and more, is now available as part of FileMaker Pro 19.4.1. Go and grab it while it's hot!