Check out the cool swag you get for interning at Apple

What you need to know

  • Working at Apple has its perks, including free swag.
  • One new Apple intern has posted a TikTok showing some pretty cool stuff they got for free.

Lots of workout stuff — but no Apple Watch!

As far as places to intern go, you have to imagine that Apple is one of the better options for all kinds of reasons. One of those reasons might be the cool swag you get when you sign up — at least according to one TikTok posted by one of the lucky ones.

Shared to TikTok by Helensplanner, the video shows various bits and pieces that were apparently handed out free of charge — including a rather funky-looking blanket. There's some cool fitness gear in there too, although no Apple Watch, unfortunately.


thanks tim 🙏 #faang #tech #apple #intern #fyp #DontSpillChallenge

♬ Vacation - Dirty Heads

On a semi-related note, can we all please agree that Vacation by Dirty Heads needs to just go away? Maybe I've just watched this particular TikTok too many times!

Some of this stuff you can likely buy from the Apple Store at Apple Park, so it isn't clear how exclusive any of it is. Still, getting something for free is never a bad thing and we're all ignoring the most important part of all of this — the person in the TikTok gets to intern at Apple. How cool must that be?!

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