Cheap, tech friendly BoltBus is rolled into Greyhound during ‘service renovations’

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Editor’s note: This story has been updated with comment from Greyhound and clarification about the future of the BoltBus service.

BoltBus, the affordable orange bus service that has shuttled passengers between Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, B.C., and other Pacific Northwest destinations since 2012 has left the station for now, as Greyhound announced it is taking over the operation in most markets.

The Seattle Times reported the news on Thursday. A Greyhound spokesperson told the newspaper that the parent company suspended BoltBus routes when demand dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A BoltBus representative told GeekWire on Friday that “this is a temporary service change for BoltBus as the company is undergoing service renovations at this time. A full return to service date is still to be determined.”

The BoltBus website now directs passengers over to Greyhound, where the century-old carrier touts enhancements it has made to its service in recent years. Bolt Rewards customers are assured that their points are safe and will be rolled into Greyhound’s program.

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When BoltBus arrived on the West Coast in 2012, it started by rolling between Seattle and Portland with tickets priced for as little as $1. Free WiFi was the big draw for techies and others traveling between the two cities. Service was added to Vancouver and then several other destinations in Washington state and Oregon.

Greyhound says its regular buses also have free WiFi and onboard entertainment.

FlixBus, another cheap and tech friendly alternative, arrived in Seattle in 2019 with lime green buses, and after pausing during the pandemic, restarted operations last June.

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