Case images might have outed the new iPad mini 6 — but they're questionable

What you need to know

  • New images claim to show the new iPad mini 6 for the first time.
  • The new images show an iPad mini with an attached full-size Apple Pencil.
  • The design doesn't match previous leaks, though.

Previous leaks suggested a shorter Apple Pencil would be used.

New images appear to show the upcoming iPad mini 6 device for the first time, but there are questions surrounding their legitimacy.

The images, shared to Twitter by @MajinBuOfficial, show what appears to be an iPad mini wearing a clear case. A full-sized Apple Pencil is attached to one side — a move that necessitates the moving of the volume buttons. In this image, they've been moved to the top of the device.

That lone isn't necessarily concerning, but previous reports did suggest Apple was working on a smaller Apple Pencil for iPad mini, while some other aspects of the design don't fully match what we've come to expect from other leaks. Those leaks have generally come via Jon Prosser and now the person who handles renders for Prosser has also weighed in, suggesting something could be amiss.

Apple isn't expected to announce the new iPad mini until a second event rather than tomorrow's iPhone 13 outing. That could mean we still have a few weeks before we know for sure whether these images are legitimate, or not.

Ignoring the images themselves for a moment, giving an iPad mini full Apple Pencil 2 support could make it the best iPad for all kinds of uses. Especially for those at school or working jobs that require a lot of notes!

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