Canadian iPhones have switched from DST a week early and it's chaos

What you need to know

  • Canadian iPhone owners have seen their devices ditch DST too early.
  • Canadian Daylight Saving Time ends next week, but some iPhones have turned the clock back an hour today.

Not all carriers seem to be affected, suggesting this one might not be Apple's fault.

Canadian iPhone owners have awoken to handsets that can't tell the time this morning. As reported by people across social media, iPhones appear to have brought an end to Daylight Saving Time almost a week early — the switch shouldn't happen until next Sunday.

Notably, the problem only seems to be impacting some carriers, suggesting that the problem might not be Apple's to fix.

The issue seems to be impacting all kinds of iPhone, not just the latest and greatest iPhone 13.

Some people have been able to fix things by heading into the Settings app and toggling the automatic time setting off and back on.

This isn't the first time that an iPhone has suffered from an issue like this and it is unlikely to be the last. It's the first time I can remember the problem being carrier-specific, however. Oftentimes it's related to a specific version of iOS or, on the occasions it's impacted Apple Watches, watchOS.

Today's issue will of course have caused some alarms to trigger an hour earlier than they should have, unfortunately. Still, that's better than them triggering an hour late! Really need to wake up on time? Maybe checking out our list of the best clock radios would be a good idea — there's little to go wrong with those!