Combine your wallet and iPhone with a handy wallet accessory

There's nothing like a good iPhone wallet accessory to lighten up your daily load. When you combine your iPhone and your wallet, that's one less thing to weigh down your pockets or bag. Now with MagSafe technology, there are even more ways to combine your iPhone and wallet. From magnetic card wallets to full folios, these are the best wallets for iPhone 13.

Minimal choice

Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe

Staff Pick

As minimal as it gets, the Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe snaps onto the back of your naked iPhone 13 or onto the back of any MagSafe-compatible case. It comes in a range of attractive colorways that go beautifully with the iPhone 13 line.

$59 at Apple$59 at Best Buy$59 at Walmart

Full-grain folio

Pad&Quill LeatherSafe Pocket Book

Here's a case that looks and feels like a high-end wallet. Made with luxurious full-grain American leather, the Pad&Quill LeatherSafe Pocket Book can hold up to six cards along with some cash. Despite the full folio design, it folds to a compact shape and works with MagSafe accessories.

$80 at Pad&Quill

Make it yours

Casetify Custom MagSafe Wallet

The Casetify MagSafe Wallet works much like the Apple Leather Wallet, but offers a fun extra feature — a customized print! Print a monogram or name of your choice on the faux leather wallet to add a personalized touch.

$40 at Casetify

Slim card case

Bluebonnet iPhone Wallet Card Holder Case

For a combination of slim functionality and beautiful design, Bluebonnet brings a lovely combo of both. The rich, full-grain leather and organic cotton finger loop set this case apart. It includes two card slots and a microfiber lining.

$68 at Bluebonnet

Pretty prints

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Made from a colorful protective shell, this wallet case is unique. It incorporates a card slot within the back panel and offers a variety of fun colors and prints. This one is not MagSafe-compatible, however.

$25 at Amazon$25 at Walmart

Detachable folio

Bouletta Wallet Case

Hesitant to commit to a folio case? Enjoy the best of both worlds with the Bouletta Wallet Case. It comes with a full wallet folio that can be attached or detached magnetically. Use the wallet portion when you need it; take it off when you don't.

$69 at Amazon

Best design

Bellroy Mod Phone Case + Wallet

Bellroy's new Mod Phone Case is both beautiful and innovative. This one also uses magnets to adhere to a smart wallet that can attach or detach easily on the case's back. The 'trap door' on the detachable wallet can double as an iPhone stand as well.

$99 at Bellroy

Simple card wallet

Mous MagSafe Compatible Card Wallet

Mous offers a Card Wallet with a simple, straightforward design that looks great with a Mous case. Since it works with MagSafe, you can also use this slim card wallet with a naked iPhone.

$50 at Mous

Less is more

Lessen your load and maximize space with a wallet + iPhone combo. If you prefer to keep things minimal, a MagSafe-enabled wallet like the Leather Wallet from Apple is a quick and easy way to snap some cards onto the back of your iPhone 13. There are several MagSafe-enabled wallets on this list, so you can find the one that goes best with your iPhone and case ensemble.

For a full wallet look and feel, the Pad&Quill LeatherSafe Pocket Book makes a fine replacement for your wallet. It has plenty of space for six cards and even some cash. Once you choose your favorite out of the best wallets for iPhone 13, you'll be feeling lighter and more organized.