Your powerful Apple Watch needs the best USB wall chargers

Your Apple Watch may charge wirelessly, but its charger does not. You'll need a good wireless charger adapter and cable to keep that productive little companion all juiced up. From cables to adapters and beyond, here you'll find the best USB wall charger for Apple Watch Series 7 and earlier.

The multitasker

Anker 60W Dual Port Charger

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A reliable adapter is the power horse of any wall charger, and this one from Anker is a great two-in-one solution. The 60W adapter offers both USB-C and USB-A ports, so it can charge any Apple Watch as well as one additional device at the same time. Here, you have a high-powered multitasker that will charge up various devices quickly.

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The original

Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB-C Cable

For those on the USB-C train, Apple's USB-C cable for Apple Watch is faster and more efficient than its USB-A counterpart. As long as you have the wall adapter to go with it, this is a better solution for the same price.

$29 at Apple

$29 at Amazon

Old-school original

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

Of course, some of you are still riding that old-school USB-A wall unit — and that's OK. Apple's USB-A charging cable is still available and works perfectly well. All Apple Watch charging cables are magnetic to keep the smartwatch in place while charging.

$29 at Apple

$25 at Amazon

Power house

Native Union Smart Charging Hub PD

Here we have the mother of wall charger adapters, the Native Union Smart Hub. This one features three USB ports (two USB-A, one USB-C) with total output up to 45W for charging iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more.

$60 at Apple

Cable upgrade

Native Union Belt Cable for Apple Watch

If your traditional charging cable tends to break, look into a reinforced belt cable that will hold up under more rough treatment. This cable is extra durable, but it works just as well as the original Apple charging cable.

$50 at Apple

$50 at Amazon

The all wireless station

mophie 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand

For those fortunate individuals with all the latest in wireless charging devices, a big wireless charging hub like this one from mophie will keep all your devices charged with minimal effort. It's not cheap, but this mega wireless charger is a real time-saver for those who need to charge multiple Qi-compatible devices simultaneously.

$90 at Apple

$90 at Zagg

Nightstand helper

Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand

Though the S350 Apple Watch stand is not exactly a charger, it works with your existing charging cable to create a charging stand that keeps your Apple Watch in an upright position. It is fully compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode to act as a clock display and alarm on your bedside table.

$11 at Amazon

A well-juiced timepiece

With the best USB wall charger, you can always depend on your Apple Watch to accomplish the many tasks you need it for throughout the day. The best wall charger adapter is undoubtedly the dual-port 60W wall charger from Anker. It features both USB-C and USB-A ports to charge multiple devices at once.

If you need a good Apple Watch stand for your bedside table, check out the Spigen S350, which works with a charging cable to charge both your Apple Watch and equip it for Nightstand Mode. However, those with multiple wireless charging devices may need a robust wireless charging stand like the 3-in-1 from mophie.