Keep your iPad mini 6 screen pristine with a great screen protector

One of the first things you do when you buy an iPad mini 6 (2021) is install a screen protector. It will most definitely protect against scratches, and might even protect the screen from shattering in a fall. Here are some of the best screen protectors for your iPad mini 6.

Great value

WRJ for iPad Mini 6 Screen Protectors (3-pack)

Staff Pick

Get three tempered glass screen protectors for one low price. Each fingerprint-resistant ultra-thin (0.33-millimeter) screen protector has a camera notch and smooth edges for a nicer feel.

$9 at Amazon

Installation frame

MOHAVE Diamond Hard Screen Protector for iPad mini 6 (2-pack)

If you're like me and you find perfect screen protector installation tricky (yet essential), consider this option that comes with a frame to guide your application. The tempered glass also offers tenfold military-grade protection, HD clarity, and superior touch response. This is a two-pack.

$13 at Amazon


Sparin Screen Protector for iPad mini 6 (3-pack)

If you prefer not to have a notch for your front-facing camera, this tempered glass screen protector doesn't have one. With HD clarity, your iPad mini's screen will shine through. The thin (0.3-millimeter) glass preserves sensitivity. You get three to a package.

$9 at Amazon

Protective film

Supershieldz iPad mini 6 Screen Protector PET (3-pack)

If you don't want the weight of glass, consider this high-quality five-layer Japanese PET film. The high-definition film gives you maximum clarity and won't leave a residue when you remove it. You get three in the package.

$8 at Amazon

Feels like paper

Mobdik Paperfeel Screen Protector for iPad mini 6 (3-pack)

This matte screen protector is a plastic film, not glass. It gives you that paper touch, friction, and feel, and the matte finish reduces glare. The thin (0.17-millimeter) film guarantees sensitivity. You'll get three to a package.

$11 at Amazon

Matte glass

amFilm PAPERed Glass Screen Protector for iPad mini 6 (2-pack)

If you do like glass but not the glare, check out this matte paper-like option from amFilm. The "papered" glass gives your iPad mini a surface akin to paper, perfect for writing and drawing. You get two to a pack.

$16 at Amazon

Which of the best screen protectors for iPad mini 6 should you pick?

Before choosing, you'll need to decide if you prefer a tempered glass or plastic film screen protector. Glass is easier to install without bubbles, but it's heavier than plastic. You also want to consider whether you prefer a matte or shiny screen protector. Matte does reduce glare, but it also reduces clarity. For overall protection, though, you might want to consider picking up a case for your iPad mini 6.

WRJ for iPad Mini 6 Screen Protectors (3-pack) is a great overall pick since it's so well-priced. It's a typical tempered glass screen protector with the clarity and touch sensitivity you'd expect. You get three which is great in case of installation error, breakage, or if you want to share with other iPad mini owners.

As you probably know, the iPad mini 6 is compatible with the second generation Apple Pencil. The amFilm PAPERed Glass Screen Protector for iPad mini 6 (2-pack) is an intriguing option, especially for artists, doodlers, note-takers, and anyone who regularly uses an Apple Pencil. It lets you have a paper-like experience with a glass screen protector.