These Mario Party Superstars minigames may cause laughter and craziness

Work together or tear everyone apart.

There are over 100 minigames within Mario Party Superstars, but some of them are far more enjoyable than others. So whether you're someone who likes a good clean game or someone who likes to play dirty and ruin friendships, here are the 25 best Mario Party Superstars minigames, along with an explanation for what makes them so awesome. This isn't a huge game, as it only takes up 2.7GB, but you'll still want to make sure you have enough room on your microSD card getting it.

The best of the series

Mario Party Superstars

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A Mario Party collection

This game brings the best 100 minigames and five best boards from all previous Mario Party titles together for some hilarious times. See how well you can do against your friends and family.


Face lift Mario Party - N64

This basically takes inspiration from the Super Mario 64 main menu, where you could stretch and pull just about any part of Mario's face just for kicks. A face appears in the center of the screen, and all players attempt to stretch the faces in their sections of the screen to match it. The person who gets the closest before time runs out wins.


Mushroom Mix-Up Mario Party - N64

Players find themselves on top of bouncy hexagon-shaped mushrooms, which sometimes drop down into the water. You must scramble to the mushroom that stays up. Jumping on another player temporarily flattens them and makes it harder for them to move but can also make you bounce too high. If you touch the water, you're eliminated from the group. The last one standing wins.


Cast Aways Mario Party - N64

This is one of the only games where everyone wins. Each player uses a strange fishing pole with a glove attached to cast out and then reel in treasure chests, money bags, or individual Coins within a time limit. Whatever you manage to pull to shore within the countdown gets added to your total Coins when you return to the board.


Bowser's Big Blast Mario Party - N64

Colorful pressure switches line a stage with a giant Bowser-shaped bomb in the back. Players take turns choosing a color and hoping they don't select the one that makes Bowser explode. This is one of those games that will really get everyone's heart thumping. The last player standing wins.


Honeycomb Havoc Mario Party 2 - N64

Players stand in line to bump a rotating die beneath a tree. The number you hit determines how many items you'll get from the tree. However, if anyone takes the honeycomb, they'll be chased off by bees and eliminated. So you'll need to count carefully and plan ahead to make things difficult for anyone behind you.

1 vs 3

Look Away Mario Party 2 - N64

One player's character appears in the circle above while the remaining players' faces occupy the three below. First, the solo player chooses a direction their character will face. Next, music plays, and then the rest of the players must choose a direction to face before the time ends. Anyone looking in the same direction as the solo player is eliminated. If one of the three players can stay in the game for five turns, the three players win.


Bombs Away Mario Party 2 - N64

Bowser's ship is shooting bombs toward the small island you and your opponents are standing on. The island tips and sloshes around as you all jump. If a bomb hits you or you land in the water, you're eliminated. After that, you can attempt to push people off or jump on their heads—anyone standing when the timer counts down wins.


Shy Guy Says Mario Party - N64

A pirate Shy Guy raises flags that show various button icons on them. Players must quickly press the same button he shows, or they'll be cut loose. The last player still attached wins. This is kind of a mind game that requires you to have good muscle memory. Be ready to look down at your controller if you have to.

2 vs 2

Bobsled Run Mario Party - N64

You split into two bobsled teams, and then you and your partner need to work together to prevent the bobsled from falling off ledges. If you fall off, your team is eliminated. Talk to your partner and plan when to lean to one side or the other to make it through this Mario Party Superstars minigame.


Crazy Cutters Mario Party 2 - N64

This is kind of like that Honeycomb task in Squid Game, though not nearly as sinister. A Mushroom Kingdom character or item will be placed before all players, and they'll need to move their joystick ever so carefully to trace it. The player that does the best trace job wins.

2 vs 2

Burnstile Mario Party 6 - GameCube

Get ready for some crazy hollering and shouting cause we're about to turn up the heat. First, your team must jump over the turnstile that rotates around the lava pit. If the turnstile hits you, you'll die, and it will be up to your remaining teammate to keep going. After that, the game continues until one side is eliminated.


Pit Boss Mario Party 6 - GameCube

Bowser hurls three giant spiked spheres into the arena, and players must do everything they can to avoid them. When all spikes are added, there really isn't much room to move here, so you'll be scrambling on top of each other to get out of the way. If you touch the spheres, you'll be hoisted up and captured in a cage. Anyone still on the arena floor after a certain amount of time wins.


Mush Pit Mario Party 3 - N64

Blocks float in the air above everyone's heads. Most of them are empty, but one of them contains a Mega Mushroom. The person lucky enough to find it grows huge and then starts stampeding around in one direction until they hit a wall. They'll be stunned for a bit but then can get back up and continue. Anyone they touch is eliminated, and whoever is left once the timer counts down wins.


Trace Race Mario Party 4 - GameCube

This one is kind of similar to Crazy Cutters but different enough to be fun as well. Everyone walks along a strip that has a distinct line on it. You need to do your best to trace this line's angles and loops with the crayon your character holds. The player to most accurately trace their line wins the round.


Booksquirm Mario Party 4 - GameCube

You've all been shrunken down and must try to avoid getting squashed by pages of a giant book with shapes cut out of them. As time goes on, the pages fall faster, so you'll need to scramble to a safe position. If you get squished, you're eliminated, and the last player standing wins.


Mario's Puzzle Party Mario Party 3 - N64

This is basically like playing multiplayer Tetris. Players must combine the same colors to break blocks and free up more space. If you run out of room before someone wins, you're eliminated and must watch the rest of the players as they struggle through. Whichever player reaches 100 points first wins.


Ticktock Hop Mario Party - N64

You find yourselves shrunken down once again and standing on a clock face. The hands of the clock spin, slow at first but then faster and faster as time goes on. You'll need to jump over the hands to survive. The last player standing wins.


Tread Carefully (Shell Shocked) Mario Party 2 - N64

Though called Tread Carefully in Superstars, this was originally called Shell Shocked in Mario Party 2 but was likely changed to avoid offense. Players command Shell-shaped tanks and must shoot their opponents. Anyone who gets hit twice is removed from play—anyone remaining when time runs out wins.


Ice-Rink Risk Mario Party 3 - N64

The ice is slippery and hard to move on, but you've got to avoid the sliding Spinies zooming around the arena. If one hits you or you fall off of the rink, you are eliminated. Any players standing when time runs down win the match.

2 vs 2

Eatsa Pizza Mario Party 3 - N64

Everyone splits up into two teams and then sees who can chow down on the giant pizza before them. The Pepperonis and crust take longer to get through, so you'll need to strategize to eat more quickly. There are two ways to win. Either a team eats everything off their plate before the other one, or you eat more off your plate before the time limit ends. It is possible for teams to tie, though.


Snowball Summit Mario Party 3 - N64

You're all on a snow-topped mesa and out for blood! The goal is to be the last player standing, and you'll get rid of your opponents by hurling a huge snowball at them. Run around making your snowball larger, and then let it fly on an unsuspecting opponent to eliminate them. The last player standing wins.

2 vs 2

Cake Factory Mario Party 2 - N64

This silly game always makes me think of that scene in Paper Mario where Peach bakes a perfect cake. Teams pair off, attempting to assemble the most cakes in the correct order within a time limit. Whichever side makes the most successful cakes wins. This requires a lot of cooperation, so be sure to talk with your teammate and devise a strategy.


Monty's Revenge Mario Party 7 - GameCube

It's reverse Whack-A-Mole where Monty moles wander around with hammers in hand. The goal is to stay out of the holes the longest, but if you get whacked, you're eliminated. It's an intense minigame that's sure to have you all screaming and hollering.


Flash Forward Mario Party 10 - Wii U

It's time to say cheese... if you can. The goal is to stand on the platform and face the camera when the timer counts down. Until then, it's a king-of-the-hill brawl where you can do whatever you want to ensure you're the only one that gets points.


Bumper Balls Mario Party - N64

It's dangerous standing on a narrow platform with lava beneath it, but Nintendo figured that wasn't dangerous enough, so they threw bumper balls in as well. The goal is basically the same as the king of the hill, bump your opponents off the platform until you're the only one remaining. Needless to say, this one can be crazy.

Party through the ages

Mario Party Superstars combines some of the very best minigames from all previous Mario Party games. While most of these are tried and true, there are 25 that stand out among the rest. So whether you're working together or against each other, have fun reliving these short classics.