Your iPhone 12 mini needs a screen protector to keep the screen pristine

The iPhone 12 mini needs a screen protector, even with the Ceramic Shield screen. Yes, it is supposed to be stronger than glass, but that only refers to break resistance. The Ceramic Shield screen is no less likely to get scratched up than previous screens. And, it will be more expensive to replace than the iPhone 11's screen. In addition to an iPhone 12 mini case, if you want to keep your screen pristine, a screen protector is a must. We've rounded up some of the best screen protectors for the iPhone 12 mini.

Easiest install

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 mini

Staff Pick

When I worked at the Apple Store, we had a "machine" to help us install screen protectors perfectly every time. Spigen screen protectors come with something similar. If you're nervous about applying your own screen protector, this is the one to get. You get two screen protectors and the installation kit.

$13 at Amazon

No notch

ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Mini

ESR's screen protectors don't have a notch across the top as many do. Instead, there is a small cutout for the speaker. But the front camera is covered. It's up to you if you prefer to have your totally unobscured or you'd rather have that extra coverage. You get three screen protectors and an installation guidance frame in this package.

$10 at Amazon

Best value

Yootech Screen Protector Compatible with Apple iPhone 12 Mini

Get a family pack of four tempered glass iPhone 12 mini screen protectors for a great price. These are the notchless style, meaning the speaker is cleared, but the True Depth front camera is covered.

$5 at Amazon

Extra protection

ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass Elite VisionGuard+ Anti-Microbial Screen Protector

This pricey but well-made screen protector offers maximum protection. Not only does it protect your iPhone 12 mini's screen from scratches and mishaps, but it has a blue light filter built-in to protect your eyes. Plus, it has Kastus Anti-microbial Technology to protect you from germs.

$31 at Amazon

$45 at Best Buy

$50 at ZAGG

Screen insurance

Gadget Guard iPhone 12 mini screen protector Black Ice +250

The durable six-layer tempered glass privacy screen protector is durable, scratch-resistant, and smudge resistant. Best of all, if you drop your iPhone with this screen protector installed and the screen breaks anyway, Gadget Guard will give you up to $250 for the screen repair.

$55 at Amazon (without insurance)

$70 at Gadget Guard

Notch and frame

Smartish Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Mini - Tuff Sheet

The Tuff Sheet by Smartish has a notch, so your speaker and cameras are left uncovered. You get two tempered glass screen protectors and an installation frame in the package. The Tuff Sheet is scratch resistant ("tested by feisty kittens!"), shatter-resistant, and just 0.33 millimeters thick.

$10 at Amazon

Which iPhone 12 mini screen protector should you choose?

For anyone who isn't totally comfortable installing their own screen protector (the vast majority of my customers at the Apple Store,) I'd recommend the Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The included installation kit makes it virtually fool-proof to install your screen protector properly the first time. Just follow the instructions and be sure to clean your screen thoroughly before installation. You get two screen protectors, so you have an extra in case of mishaps or to share.

For a little extra insurance, pick up the Gadget Guard iPhone 12 mini screen protector. Gadget Guard puts its money where its mouth is. You'll have to register your screen protector online and file a claim, but it's worth it to get up to $250 toward a screen repair in case your iPhone 12 mini's screen breaks while the screen protector is in place.