Best endurance GPS watches 2021: COROS Vertix 2, Garmin Enduro

Best endurance GPS watches 2021: COROS Vertix 2, Garmin Enduro
These will keep you on track (Picture: Getty)

Jealous of James Bond’s snazzy watch in No Time To Die?

While these endurance GPS watches sadly don’t double as secret weapons, they’ve still had the Q treatment.

Equipped with navigation and fitness tracking technology, these hi-tech timepieces will see you through any mission.

Best for multi-day expeditions: COROS Vertix 2

COROS Vertix 2
COROS Vertix 2

If you want a watch that waves goodbye to battery anxiety for good, this is it. It boasts a whopping 140 hours of full GPS missions, extendable to 240 hours in UltraMax low-power mode.

There’s also a comprehensive suite of sport modes, detailed training analytics to rival Garmin and Polar, and an optical pulse oximeter and Apple-style ECG sensor built into the bezel.

It’s a little hefty on the wrist, and you trade staying power for a slightly dull screen, but when you can rely on a watch with less than 10% battery to last you a marathon, it’s a price worth paying.


Best for navigation: Suunto 9 Baro

Suunto 9 Baro
Suunto 9 Baro

The Finnish Suunto 9 Baro has four GPS training modes — performance, endurance, ultra and tour — offering 25, 50, 120 and 170 hours of staying power respectively, all depending on how accurate you need your GPS tracks to be.

You also get a handy estimate of how much battery you have left in the current power mode, plus reminders to switch if you’re running low during a workout.

Its navigation tools are also excellent, with a full package of route planning, colour maps, breadcrumb trails and turn-by-turn navigation.


Best for ultra endurance: Garmin Enduro

Garmin Enduro
Garmin Enduro

The Enduro is another watch you’ll only need to charge once a month, even with an hour a day’s training. Its full GPS battery life promises up to 80 hours, extendable to 300 in lower-accuracy UltraTrac mode. Solar skills help slow the burn rate.

In our tests, it lived up to the billing and, although its lack of topo maps might frustrate some adventurers, the lighter design and nylon strap make it one of the most comfortable big expedition-friendly sports watches going.

We believe it just has the edge over the longer-lasting Vertix 2.


Best for daily training: Polar Vantage V2

Polar Vantage V2
Polar Vantage V2

Built more for everyday fitness and training than off-track expeditioning, the Vantage V2 doesn’t quite match the staying power of the top performers on test but it still packs an impressive 40 hours’ full GPS that extends up to 100 hours in low-power mode.

You also get excellent training insights, recovery tracking and workout recommendations linked to how well you bounce back from the previous day’s stresses.

That’s all in a sleek, lightweight design that’s friendlier for daintier wrists.


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