Beats Studio Buds spotted in Roddy Ricch's 'Late at Night' music video

Lebron James isn't the only one with the Beats Studio Buds already.

What you need to know

  • Apple's upcoming Beats Studio Buds have popped up again.
  • The earbuds have shown up in Roddy Ricch's new music video.

Someone else already has their hands on the unannounced Beats Studio Buds.

As reported by iThinkDifferent, the unannounced and unreleased wireless earbuds have made an appearance in Roddy Ricch's new song "Late at Night."

Popular American rapper and songwriter Roddy Ricch premiered his new song 'Late at night' and interestingly the unreleased Beats Studio Buds make an appearance in the video. In the new music video, Ricch is seen using Beats Studio Buds in black to record a part of the song before he is teleported to the 1980s and the video turns into Micheal Jackson's 'Thriller' set.

As seen in the 'Late at night' music video, Beats Studio Bud's case looks very much like AirPods Pro' oval charging case with the 'b' branded in the middle. The earbuds have a very compact design that protrudes out of the ear when worn. And like the case, earbuds also have 'b' branded in the middle.

You can check out the music video of "Late At Night" below. The Beats Studio Buds pop up around thirty seconds into the video.

Roddy Ricch is the second person to be seen wearing the unannounced earbuds. Lebron James was seen wearing the Beats Studio Buds back in May.

In a series of photos posted to the NBA star's Instagram account, James appears to be wearing the unreleased (and still unannounced) Beats Studio Buds. As seen in the photos below, the basketball player appears to be wearing the new Studio Buds in White. The earbuds are expected to come in Black and Red.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, the earbuds could see a release sometime this month.