Beats launches limited-edition fragment design Beats Flex earbuds

What you need to know

  • Beats has launched its new limited-edition version of its Beats Flex earbuds.
  • fragment design partnered with Beats to create the black-on-black design.
  • The earbuds are now available to order from Apple for $69.

Back in black.

Beats has officially launched its new limited-edition Beats Flex earbuds.

The company partnered with fragment design on a limited-edition set of Beats Flex headphones with an exclusive black-on-black design.

You can check out the announcement video that Beats released earlier this week below:

Beats and fragment design have partnered for a second time this year on a limited-edition, black-on-black Beats Flex.

The special edition earbuds feature a black-on-black design and are now available to order from Apple's website for $69.

If you don't need or want the fragment design limited-edition version, Apple's normal colors for the Beats Flex are on sale all over the place for the holidays. Many third-party retailers have the headphones on sale for as little as $49.

The earbuds, despite being about $100 cheaper than AirPods, still sport great battery life and Apple's W1 chip for easy pairing and switching between the company's devices. They also feature a band that connects the two earbuds together so, for those who like to hang their earbuds around their neck when they take them out rather than having to store them in a case, these are a solid option.

The Beats Flex are still the most affordable and one of the best values you can get for headphones with Apple's wireless pairing and audio technology built inside of them.

Bottom line: Though the sound quality leaves much to be desired, these $50 headphones give you all the convenience of Apple headphones that are $200 more expensive.

$69 at Apple