Are your AirPods batteries worn out? Podswap will send you refurbs for $70.

What you need to know

  • Apple's AirPods batteries don't last forever, but one company is offering a cheaper way to fix that than buying new earbuds.
  • Podswap will exchange your old and busted AirPods for a refurbished pair for $70.

Podswap sends you new AirPods and you send them your old ones.

Apple's AirPods are pretty great, but it's a well-known issue that their super-small batteries don't last forever. Getting the claimed five hours of listening time out of a pair is fine when they're new — but when they're old? Not so much. But Podswap has the answer.

The reason AirPods batteries need replacing is simple — they're small, and even the best batteries don't last forever. The more you use and then re-charge your AirPods, the more you're killing the batteries. Eventually, they won't be able to charge as fully as they used to and that's when Apple will charge your $49 per earbud to get your battery life back. Note that AirPods can't have their batteries replaced, even by Apple.

Podswap has a better idea. For $70, the company sends you a new pair of refurbished AirPods out. Just the AirPods, that is — you don't need to send your Charging Case. When your near AirPods arrive, you send your old ones back in. And that's it, you're done.

Podswap gives you a 90-day warranty on your new AirPods and both first and second-generation versions are supported. Pretty sweet, right?

You can learn more, and get the swap-out process started, over on the Podswap website now.

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