iOS 15.2 adds a Store section to the TV app for buying and renting content

What you need to know

  • Apple's iOS 15.2 beta 2 release adds a new Store tab to the TV app.
  • People can buy and rent content without heading to the iTunes app.

The kind of move that just makes sense.

Apple's recent iOS 15.2 beta 2 release makes an interesting change to the way the TV app works on both iPhone and iPad. Now, a new Store tab sits in the navigation area and houses TV shows and movies that are ready to be bought and rented.

While the content was previously available in the TV app, it was oddly interspersed with other content that the TV app offered via streaming services including Apple TV+. People could always head to the iTunes app to get their TV shows and movies, but it makes much more sense for everything to have its own place in the TV app.

Apple's iOS 15.2 update is now in its second developer beta and will be made available to everyone eventually, although no timescale has been made available as to when that will happen.

While the best way to watch this kind of content is on an Apple TV, being able to get their favorite TV show fix on an iPhone or iPad is still important to many and I suspect the Store tab will prove a popular move for people who like to buy or rent content via the iTunes store.

The next logical step might be to do something similar with the Apple Music app, moving iTunes music purchases into the same app and killing the iTunes app for good. Maybe that's something we'll see when iOS 16 rolls around next year.

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